Month of subject Geography competitions have started

Today, March 11, a competition on "Journey around Uzbekistan" was held among 7-8 grades of the Abdulla Qodiri School of Creativity.

 The competition was held under the following conditions.

1. Creative works prepared by the classes for the science month;

2. Greetings. Introduce the name of the group, the motto, information about scientists who have contributed to the science of geography;

3. Quick questions. There will be 5 participants from each class and each of them will be asked 5 questions. 25 questions for each group;

4. Advertising Terms. 8th graders advertise regions with historical monuments in Uzbekistan, 7th graders advertise regions with natural recreation areas in Uzbekistan;

5.  Classes perform national dances and national songs of the regions of their choice.

The competition was held in a lively and uplifting atmosphere. According to the final score, 7th grade students took 1st place.