“Hashar”- nationwide tradition


One of the great tradition of our nation over the years, “hashar” plays an important role in making our country more prosperous, clean and beautiful.


Today, the employees of the Agency for the Development  Presidential, Creativity and Specialized Schools took an active part in the nationwide “hashar”. Employees of the Presidential, Creativity and Specialized Schools also started the “hashar” after classes.


Everyone took part in the national “hashar”. In particular, at the Creativity school named after Erkin Vahidov, each class has strengthened the ability of students to work as a team by landscaping of the assigned area.


The Presidential School in Namangan has also cleaned schools and residential areas, bringing more benefits to the region.

Similarly, landscaping work was carried out in and around the school named after Is’hakhon Ibrat.

At the same time, the staff of the School of Information Technology named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi, the School of Creativity named after Muhammad Yusuf and other schools also contributed to the beautification of our country.