The Olympic winner was awarded a Cobalt car

Another winner of the Kokand Olympics, Sarvar Soporbaev, a graduate of the Khiva Presidential School, was awarded a Cobalt car at the Presidential School in Tashkent.

The head of the agency Khilola Umarova congratulated the winners and participants: "The achievements belong not only to our students and their parents, but also to our teachers." At the same time, these results motivate other students.

After that, the rector of Kokand University Sherzod Mustafakulov said in his speech that the winner of the Mathematical Olympiad came from the land of al-Khwarizmi.

 The meeting was organized at the initiative of the Agency for the development of the Presidential, Creativity and Specialized Schools. It will be recalled that another Olympic winner, Asilbek Sunnatov, was awarded a Nexia-3 as well.