“Digital Generation Ladies- 2021” forum - the way to modern knowledge

“Digital Generation Ladies- 2021” Forum, initiated by the Agency for the Development of the Presidential, Creativity and Specialized Schools, aims to increase the interest and participation of girls in the field of information technology in our country, to promote education and develop leadership skills.

Also, it helps to develop critical thinking , project management skills in entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as to support them to achieve their goals, further organize of events, forums, seminars, workshops, training courses for girls and by local and leading international experts.  Also,  raising public awareness of gender issues in the technological spheres is the main goal of the project.

1241 girls applied to participate in the forum, 45 of them were selected on the basis of 2 stage selection. Particular attention was paid to their knowledge and experience, teamwork skills, initiative.

After the opening ceremony, the participants spent 3 days at the training held by qualified mentors in web programming, graphic design, project management. They were working in groups, focusing  on solving a range of specific social problems in education, medicine, tourism. 


Khilola Umarova, Head of the The Agency for the Development of the Presidential, Creativity and Specialized Schools, stressed upon  the importance of the forum:

- The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan   pays attention to the support of talented young people, the role of women in various fields and their guidance towards modern professions. The forum, initiated by The Agency for the Development of the Presidential, Creativity and Specialized Schools, has the same goal. It should be noted that this project provides an opportunity for girls to demonstrate their talents. The participants presented their projects aiming  at solving certain social problems in the fields of education, medicine and tourism.



At the closing ceremony, 15 teams presented their project proposals , which  were evaluated by the jury and the  the participants whose projects were recognized as the most relevant and innovative in each area were rewarded.

The mobile app of social project “Porla” , which aims to provide general education to children with Down syndrome, won in the field of education and  attracted a lot of attention.

 “E-Med” project in the field of medicine was also recognized as one of the best projects at the Forum. The project aims to ensure that all medical facilities in the country, medical books and all information related to medical diagnoses are transferred to electronic form.

The project in  tourism aims to solve existing problems in this field , such as the lack of information in terms of  guides, reviews and the exact prices of services in the country.

Forums like “Digital Generation Ladies” help to develop mature, independent young people in our society, provide them with guidance and serve as an important tool for each of them to become the kind of  person they intend to be.