Student of the Presidential School in Tashkent receives the opportunity to study in the USA

Rakhmatjon Gaipov, a student of the Presidential School in Tashkent, received an opportunity to study at one of the leading US universities on a scholarship basis.

A student of the 11th grade, like other students of the Presidential Schools, submitted his documents to foreign universities.\

Rakhmatjon Gaipov recently received good news from the admission commission of the Illinois Institute of Technology.

The admission commission of the US university made a decision to provide a grant to Rakhmatjon Gaipov. During his studies at the university, Rakhmatjon Gaipov will receive the US$20,000 scholarship per academic year. In addition, the university will provide him with additional funds to living costs.

The student of the Presidential School in Tashkent Rakhmatjon Gaipov will study chemical engineering at the US university.